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Dr. Sara Croteau and Dr. Jeff O'Flaherty


Dear ChiroCare,

A huge thank you to the wonderful Dr. Jeff at ChiroCare who helped me achieve quite possibly the highlight of my athletic career this weekend the the Atlantic Roller Derby Championships this past weekend in Saint John, NB. My joint pain has been significantly reduced in just a few treatments. I feel lighter, faster and stronger, and I guess it showed in my performance. I appreciate the healing very much. Thank you!

- Jennifer (HB) Giffin, RN and jammer for the Halifax Harbour Grudges

Sara... thanks for your sense of humor and for embracing the chaos of two boys and more than anything thank you for creating an atmosphere where families feel not just tolerated but welcome and cared for.

Amy... thank you for our chats, for sharing your life, experiences & self with me.

I feel so lucky to have both of you, with your incredible skills & warm personalities, in my life and the lives of my family. You are awesome!!!


A. Morris, Bedford, NS







I lived with chronic back pain for 10 years. Within a few weeks of going to Chirocare, Dr. Sara Croteau changed my life. With regular monthly visits I now live pain free!
The doctors at Chirocare make you feel comfortable and happy to be there. I always leave with a smile on my face. I wouldn't trust my back with anyone else.



Katie, Lower Sackville, NS


 I was 37 weeks pregnant and had been having low back and groin pain for weeks. I finally decided to try chiropractic and I'm glad I did. With just a few treatments, Sara had me feeling much less pain and my pelvic alignments helped make labor much easier than it had the first time around!


Nicole, Bedford NS 



My experience with Chirocare has been great right from the start. I have been suffering from nerve neuralgia for almost three years now and Jeff has really helped me get to a place where I am pain free most days, a big shift from how I felt in the past. I notice more than just relief from my current condition, but have also over the course of treatment worked to correct my hips, jaw and even a broken foot! Can't say enough good things about Chirocare and Dr. O'Flaherty, they've been extremely helpful in my recovery and continued treatment and are also very flexible and able to work around my schedule, even when I call in last minute! Keep up the great work guys!




 Jen, Bedford, NS


In February 2008 Dylan had swelling in his knees. We went to a number of appointments to determine the cause. In April 2008 he was diagnosed with JIR (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) at the age of 13
Dylan started Naproxen twice a day. This did not show much improvement so in May 2008 he had joint injections in both knees (this did help reduce the swelling). Due to these procedures, his blood sugars increased which required him to take medications for Diabetes.

In December Dylan was taking Indomethacin and Omeprazole (this was used to settle upset stomach that the Indomethacin was causing.) In April 2009 his iron was low so he started another medication called Palafer. The medications were not showing a lot of change. During the March / April it was suggested that we try another medication which was known to be successful to young boys with JIR. This medication was a low grade chemotherapy. We had our reservations about this medication due to the side effects. We were told that Dylan would have to have blood work completed every month due to the possible side effect of compromising the liver. We declined this medication on two occasions and we were very concerned if this was the correct decision....

In April /May 2009 we met Jeff O'Flaherty through a mutual friend. Jeff was an amazing person. He listened to our story. He wanted to meet with us to discuss nutritional advice for JIR. Jeff made us feel at ease and that our decision not to go ahead with the low grade chemotherapy was the correct decision. He felt that Dylan had something going on with his knees but he was not convinced that it was JIR. In May 2009 Jeff ordered an x-ray and we gave Jeff authorization to order Dylan's medical records.

June 3, 2009, we met with Jeff and he recommended that Dylan stop taking all of his medications (including Singular, which he felt was probably causing Dylan to be anemic. He felt that we should look for another alternative for his asthma).

June 5, 2009 all medications were stopped and we went back to the original place of diagnosis and they agreed with stopping the medications and blood work would be rechecked in 6 weeks.

July 20, 2009 blood work was showing normal. In October 2009 Dylan had a MRI to check to see if there were any signs of arthritis and those results showed normal.

Jeff felt that Dylan had Reactive Arthritis for a period of time in early 2008. Jeff took the time to look at Dylan's history, explain everything to us and make suggestions that have proven to be the best decision for Dylan.

Dylan is now 15 years old and he is medication free (except for his Asthma puffers, usually taken while playing sports. His activity level has increased and we feel that he is a happier/healthier boy with the guidance of Jeff O'Flaherty.

We are grateful everyday that Jeff came into our lives and changed the path that Dylan may have taken



The Warren's, Sackville, N.S.

I had headaches for years and just assumed that I would be suffering for life. I thought I had tried everything until I saw Dr. Croteau. She really listened to me and figured out what was causing my headaches. She put me on a treatment plan of chiropractic adjustments and exercises, tested me for food allergies and prescribed supplements. I feel great and can't remember when my last headache was!                                  



Jenny, Wakefield, MA

I twisted my ankle playing basketball and came in to see Dr. O'Flaherty the same day. He examined me and told me that I had an inversion sprain. Dr. O'Flaherty started treatment right away and as my ankle began to heal, we changed to more aggressive rehab exercises. My ankle is now better than 100% - now my sprained ankle feels much stronger than the other one! I think I need to start treatment for this one now!                                  




Jaime, Sackville, NS

I didn't think that chiropractic care would help ear infections but I was desperate! A friend's advice led me to Dr. Croteau. I brought my two year old daughter, Haylie, in to see Dr. Croteau because it seemed like she had one ear infection after another for the past year and a half. Dr. Croteau examined Haylie and asked me numerous questions about her medical history and especially her eating habits. We discovered that Haylie was allergic to dairy and wheat products. Dr. Croteau put her on an elimination diet, recommended probiotics and other immune supporting supplements and adjusted her. Haylie loved her treatments and best of all, she no longer gets ear infections and her eczema cleared up as well! I can't thank Dr. Croteau enough for her time, expertise and gentle care of my daughter!                                              



Tara, Reading, MA


At 36 weeks pregnant with a breech baby, I thought my only option would be a C-Section! Fortunately, my doctor suggested chiropractic treatment and the baby turned head down within one week! I am so grateful for Sara's help and advice!


Stacey Morgan, Lower Sackville, NS


I've had low back pain and knee pain off and on for years. A coworker referred me to Dr. O'Flaherty and I am glad that I listened!  Dr. O'Flaherty explained that I had sacroiliac syndrome, overpronation and an imbalance in the muscles around my knee. He started me on a treatment plan with adjustments, specific exercises, stretching, massage, foot orthotics, and  natural anti- inflammatories. My pain gradually decreased and I am glad to say that I am now pain free! I feel better than I had in years. Thanks Doc!                                          


Mike, Bedford, NS

I had Dr. Jeff as one of my coaches for the Sackville Bantam AA hockey team. Over the coarse of the year I had to visit him for different hockey related injuries, one of which was a broken bone in my hand suffered during a game that was going to jeopardized my opportunity to play in the Provincial Tournament. Jeff made a playing cast that would protect my hand and still allow me to play, he spent hours working with me on the cast and on rehab. Because of his great personal care and attention Jeff gave me the chance to play and win a Provincial Championship!
Thanks Dr. Jeff for being a great doctor, coach, and friend.

Jonny Horsman, Windsor Junction, NS



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