Sports Medicine

Sports Injuries

Acute Care, Rehabilitation, & Return to Play

Being injuried from time-to-time is part of being an athlete, but there is a right way, and a wrong way to deal with a sports injury. Ingoring the pain and playing or training through the pain often leads to worsening of the injury and opens the door for further injuries. Dealing with issues as they arise, as soon as possible, is the best strategy. We help you extinguish the pain, rehabilitate the function, and then prepare you to return to your sport with sports conditioning methods.

Address your new, or old, sports injuries now and get back to the sport or activity you love!



Assess & Correct

Movement & Biomechanical Assessment to Prevent & Treat Sports Injuries

In the world on competitive sports, would you not do anything to get a fair advantage on your competition? Functional assessment & correction does just that for athletes. Even though you may not be injuried, specific weaknesses & restrictions can hold your performance back and raise risk of injury when competing or training. This assessment uses basic movement tests common to all sports to identify where you could improve and then we give you the tools (therapy & exercise) to make that happen!

Stop training like everyone else, and start training your individual weaknesses to improve performance and prevent injury.

Junior Athletes

Sports Injury Treatment, Prevention, & Sports Conditioning

What if a young Sidney Crosby was left to play with an injury because of his age, and because of it he suffered a career ending condition all before he was a teenager? Young athletes tend to bounce back the quickest, but there are also some specific sports injuries for each age group particular to each sport which should not be overlooked. This is also the perfect age to do performance assessment & correction while their bodies easily adapt to change and before bad habits become near-permanent.

Gentle conservative therapy and sports conditioning exercises are often the mainstay of treatment for this age group.


Our Approach to Sports Injuries

We believe in looking at the entire athete from head to toe and examining how they move through general athletic & sport-specific movements.

Using a biomechanical assessment we strive to find the weak link in an athlete's kinetic chain.

We then administer therapies to address any current injuries as well as perscribe exercises & mobility work to correct any imbalances.

We are also qualified, have the facilities, & equipment to conduct your return-to-play & sport specific conditioning prior to your return to sport.

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