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The New Food Pyramid

What is an Up to Date, Balanced Diet?

That has been open to dispute by experts for years. Humans are the target of billion-dollar advertising strategies of the food industry, and that's why official recommendations do not always improve the well-being of people, but rather are influenced by business interests. How else could you explain that more and more people are overweight (in the U.S. over 60 percent of the population), although the issue "Optimum Nutrition" is at the top of the list in politics and healthcare?

The Food Pyramid

A few years ago, nutritionists developed a new food pyramid that is scientifically based and adapted to today's life. 

Vegetables, salads and fruits provide a basis of the nutrition - good oils are also included. We should choose these foods! 

For anyone who wants to lose weight, protein is particularly important. It helps boosting the metabolism and forming muscles. Therefore, protein products like fish, poultry, meat, diary products, legumes, soy products, nuts and eggs come a close second.

Moreover, there are cereals, whole grain bread, pasta, rice and potatoes - all products containing large quantities of starch raising insulin levels and restraining fat burning. If you have a few pounds too much on the hips you should be careful, especially in the evening.
Sweets, alcoholic beverages, coke, lemonade, sweet juice and white bread should rarely be eaten or drunk.

Logi Food Pyramid

The Following Points are Important for a Healthy Diet:

  • Choose natural foods over refined products and finished products. That means whole grain bread instead of white flour, whole grain cereal instead of finished cereal, fresh fruits instead of canned fruit, fresh salad instead of over-boiled vegetables.
  • Be careful with the freshness of the food. Salad, which for days has been in the fridge, contains only a minimum of its vitamins.
  • Choose local foods over imported products. Strawberries grow in the spring and summer and we can even pick them fresh from the field. Therefore, you have the guarantee that it is fresh food without long itineraries and storage. Anyone wanting to eat strawberries in winter, accepts that they contain pesticides because without them, the fruits can't endure long shelf-lives.
  • If you want to do yourself a favor, then go back to vegetables and fruits from organic cultivation. These products are subject to strict controls on quality and treatment.
  • Choose meat and eggs from appropriate keeping.
  • Keep a balanced mix of natural carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, salads, whole grains), protein (fish, meat, legumes, eggs) and healthy fats (olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil) in mind.
  • Consume sweets and alcohol only moderate.
  • Pay attention to your individual tolerance of food. If you do not tolerate or even have an allergic reaction to a certain food, it is better to avoid it.

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