Acidic and Basic Foods

In Acid-Base Balance

Our body organism can only function properly if it is in acid-base balance. The unit of acids and bases is the pH-value. The measurement scale ranges 1 to 14. 1 means strongest acidity, 14 means maximum base value. The neutral value is at 7.

A healthy organism is in a light base condition with a pH-value of 7.35 to 7.45. However, there are parts in the body, where another milieu predominates. Thus the stomach is naturally very acidic (from stomach acid) while the secretion of the pancreas is alkaline and neutralizes the acidic chyme in the small intestine. If an acid molecule hits a base molecule, a neutral salt molecule is formed that can be excreted without any harm. However, if there are more acids than bases in the body, the organism won't get rid of the acids; the tissue becomes more acidic, and a variety of medical complaints and diseases can occur, such as cancer

Nutrition is Significantly Responsible for an Acid-Base Balance

A healthy diet consists of 2/3 of base and 1/3 of acid forming foods. 
We differentiate between foods that are naturally acidic and those that produce digestive acid. The sour taste of food does not matter. For example, lemons taste sour but will be metabolized base in the body.

Base Foods are:

  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Fruits
  • Potatoes
  • Soy products

Neutral Foods are:

  • Oils
  • Butter
  • Some nut varieties
  • Water

Acid Suppliers are:

  • Meat
  • Sausages
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Diary products

Foods, Creating Acid in the Metabolism, are:

  • Sugar and sweets

  • White flour products

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Cereals and bread, especially white bread
  • Legumes

The Basis for a Healthy Diet are Vegetables, Salads and Fruits

Soy, as one of the few vegetable basic protein suppliers, takes a unique position and should be more integrated in the menu. To lose weight successfully, your body needs protein. So combine acid suppliers like animal protein in the form of meat, fish, milk products or eggs and vegetable protein in the form of legumes with twice the amount of vegetables or salad to avoid acidity. The abstinence or at least the moderate consumption of sugary food, pasta, rice, coffee and alcohol will help you to redress the acid-base balance.

Exercise Neutralizes your Body!

Not only poor nutrition, but also less exercise and the resulting shallow breathing, let your body become acidic. If you do some exercises, breathing deepens, more carbon dioxide (an acid) will be exhaled, and the body will be neutralized. The exercises, however, should remain in the aerobic (with oxygen) zone. Daily cardio training would be ideal. Unusual and extreme physical activity is not recommended if you suffer from metabolic acidosis. In this case, the body reaches the anaerobic zone, lactic acid results - aching muscles appears - and additionally the organism is strained with acids.

Intestinal disorders, or anger and stress, can also make the body more acid. The intestine will also be stimulated by a high-fiber diet and exercises; and therefore produce less putrefaction and fermentation products. 

A sufficient amount of drinking water stimulates the kidneys to excrete acids. Drink about two liters of water daily! Your urine should always have a slightly yellowish color. 

The skin can also excrete acids when perspiring. Perspiring in the sauna as well as perspiring at sports is neutralizing in equal measure. 

Acid-Base Table

Base-forming (+) and Acid-forming (-) Foods

Weakly basic +
Strongly basic ++++++
Weakly acidic -
Strongly acidic ------
Neutral +-

Vegetables, Salads, Herbs, Mushrooms
Cabbage, green +
Cabbage, red ++
Rhubarb ++
Leek ++
Beans, green +++
Porcini +
Chanterelles +
Leek Sheets ++
Mushrooms +
Watercress ++
Dill ++
Chives ++
Zucchini ++
Asparagus +
Onion +
Cauliflower +
Savoy +
Peas ++
Spinach +++
Celery +++
Tomato +++
Field Salad +
Endive Salad +++
Dandelion +++++
Cucumber +++++++
Lettuce +++
Chicory ++++
Brussels Sprouts --
Artichoke -

Potato, Root Vegetable
Salsify +
Radish, black ++++++
Radish, white +
Potato ++
Kohlrabi +
Horseradish ++
Carrot ++
Beet +++

Apple +
Currant ++
Strawberries +
Pear +
Cherries +
Sour Cherries +
Pineapple +
Date +
Banana ++
Mirabelle +
Raspberries +
Mango +
Melon +
Bilberry ++
Plum ++
Peach ++
Apricot ++
Cranberies ++
Blackberries ++
Grape ++
Gooseberries ++
Orange ++
Lemon ++
Mandarin +++
Raisin +++
Rose Hip +++
Fig ++++++

Dairy Products, Eggs
Cow`s Milk +
Butter Milk +
Goat`s Milk +
Whey +
Sheep`s Milk +
Soy Milk +
Cheese ---
Yogurt ---
Curd Cheese ---
Cream +-
Egg ----

Flour, Pasta, Cereals
Potato Starch +
Lentils ++
Beans, white +++
Soy Flour +++
Soy Beans ++++
Bean Sprouts +++++
Rice, peeled -----
Rice, unpeeled --
Rice Starch -
Rye Flour ---
Barley --
Wheat Flour -
Wheat Semolina --
Noodles -
Oat Flakes --

Bread, Cake, Sweets
Spelt Bread +-
White Toast --
Rusk --
Whole Grain Bread --
Crisp Bread -
Sugar -----
Cake -----
Chocolate -----
Drops -----

Meat, Fish and Sausages
Lamb --
Pork -----
Veal ----
Beef ----
Sea Fish ---
Freshwater Fish --
Turkey --
Chicken --
Goose and Duck --
Ham -----
Sausage -----
Salami -----

Nuts and Seeds
Peanuts --
Brazil Nuts --
Walnuts --
Pumpkin Seeds +
Sunflower Seeds +
Chestnuts +-
Almonds +-
Hazelnuts +-
Cashews +-
Pistachios +-

Coffee ---
Tea ---
Alcohol ----
Coke ----
Lemonade -----
Fruit Juice ++
Vegetable juice +++
Water, carbonated --
Water, still +-
Herbal Tea ++

Margarine --
Butter -
Olive oil +

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